QTM Department Speaker Series: Fall 2022

This fall, QTM will host talks by Tianyi Peng, Matteo Bonvini, Yinchu Zhu, Ruohan Zhan, Giacomo Mantegazza, Laura Forastiere, and Xiaojie Mao. Talks will run for an hour.

If you'd like to receive announcements about the seminar, please join the google group.

Times are listed in the schedule below. Xiaojie Mao's talk, which is not listed there, will be via Zoom at a time to be determined.


W Oct 121:00 in PAIS 561 Matteo Bonvini Minimax Optimal Subgroup Identification
W Oct 19 1:00 in PAIS 561 Yinchu Zhu How well can we learn large factor models without assuming strong factors?
W Nov 21:00 in PAIS 561 Ruohan Zhan Policy Learning in Adaptive Experiments.
M Nov 71:00 in PAIS 561 Tianyi Peng Experimentation Platforms and Learning Treatment Effects in Panels.
W Nov 91:00 in PAIS 561 Giacomo Mantegazza Games with Algorithmic Agents.
W Nov 301:00 in PAIS 561 Laura Forastiere Heterogeneous Treatment and Spillover Effects under Clustered Network Interference.